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March 2, 2020

2.13: Here's To You Mrs Kinsella

Here's to you mrs Kinsella Murphy Brown Alan Oppenheimer

Written by: Russ Woody

Directed by: Barnet Kellman

Twitter: DardenLisa


The gals are happy to welcome Lisa Darden as their guest this week! Lisa is an actor as well as a board member of the Fair Housing Justice Center in New York City and a fan of Murphy Brown since childhood! Lisa tells us her origin story of growing up watching Murphy Brown as an African American woman then and now. Lauren talks about the genesis of Stevie Wonder’s adult career with this week’s song Superstition! Topics also include: Women and mens’ sexual prime, Grant Shaud’s physical comedy, and the Candice Bergen connection to The Graduate, which inspired our title with the song  “Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson.”


More Info On Lisa:


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Lisa Darden

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