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Season Three


July 24, 2023
Season 3 opener Murphy Brown 1990 Episode 1 season three The 390th Broadcast guest star Harry Shearer

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3.01: The 390th Broadcast

August 7, 2023
Murphy season 3 Cast Brown Like Me Season three episode three

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3.02: Brown and Blue

August 21, 2023
Murphy Brown Season three episode three, Loco Hero Rose Marie. Dick Van Dyke Show Sally Rogers, Jerry's Dad Seinfield Barry

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3.03: Loco Hero

Sept 4, 2023

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Murphy Brown Episode four Strike Two - Candice Bergen Faith Ford Season three "Strike Two"

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3.04: Strike Two

Sept 18, 2023
The Gold Rush Season three episode five Jay Thomas Emmy Winner Cheers

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3.05: The Gold Rush

Oct 2, 2023
Murphy Brown Season three, episode six Bob and Murphy and Ted and Avery guest star Colleen Dewhurst  as Avery Brown Tony Emmy Winner

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3.06: Bob & Murphy & Ted & Avery

Seaso 2, Part 2
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