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September 09, 2019

Interview: Jacqui Shine:
(Media Historian; Journalist)

Jaquie Interview.jpg

You may know Jacqui’s media writings from such publications as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, and Buzzfeed. Most recently she recapped the Murphy Brown revival series for Vulture. Co-host Lauren sits down with Jacqui to discuss her fascination with the classic series as a media historian and a journalist. Topics include: Murphy Brown’s significance in media history, gender in television in the 1990s, the meta nature of the series, Jerry Gold, and more! A wonderful interview you won’t want to miss.

* We forgot to mention Susan Harris in our female showrunners of the 1990s discussion!

Jacqui’s Twitter 
Jacqui’s content
Jacqui’s article on Cop Shows

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