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A smith and Corena type writer

Rosalynn, Jimmy, & Amy Carter

Smith-Corona Typetronic II electric typewriter

Click the picture from a clip from

"Set Me Free"

"Intruder With Toy Gun Puts KNBC off Air" - Los Angeles Times 8/20/1987


Halston obituary - Los Angeles Times 3/28/1990

Little Peggy March

Set Me Free  Episode of Season one, Episode seven,Murphy Brown with Candice Bergen as Murphy Charles Kimbrough as  Jim Dial
February  5, 2018


Faith Ford as Corky Sherwood (Forrest) in The Season one episode of Murphy Brown "Set Me Free"

Written by: Diane English
Directed by: Barnet Kellman

Jesi and Lauren launch headfirst into the seventh episode of Season One and how the episode’s original filming changes their entire perspective on re-watch. Topics include: Could a gunman plot work today, the real-life event that inspired the episode, and Jesi & Lauren share personal stories about how the body reacts to trauma and physical danger. Also…it might be someone’s birthday episode. Listen and find out!


The Presidential Carter Family
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