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  • STREAM THE SERIES: How can I stream Murphy Brown? Where can I watch Murphy Brown? Why Isn't it Streaming?
    Streaming via The Internet Archive (For now, but slightly edited!) ​ Currently only Season 1 of Murphy Brown is available on DVD. ​ However! Murphy Brown - in its entirety - is airing on the nostaglia cable channel Rewind TV ​ If you want to see Murphy Brown streaming officially @ on social media, the streamers - let them know that YOU want Murphy, and they should pay for the music rights! Directions on how HERE.
  • SUPPORT: I want to support the podcast, how can I do that?
    First and foremost, thank you! To support the pod, there are a few things you can do: Donate: Podcasts cost money, and every little bit helps! Check out our DONATE button below for more info on one-time donations and monthly levels starting at $2, and get anything from stickers, previews, and extra content on our Patreon! We also just joined "Buy Me a Coffee." Rate & Review: iTunes & Spotify The higher the ratings and reviews the pod receives on iTunes, the more people that it can reach! Follow & Share: Follow us on social media (X/Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) and share with your friends! For us, this is all about the community, so let's share the love!
  • LISTENING: I don't have a podcast app, how do I listen? How can Iisten to the podcast?
    You can listen to the podcast in your browser through our website, under EPISODES, YOUTUBE and in any PODCAST APP, or in the player below, or any of these platforms linked in our footer. Click, and an icon and a player will open. Subscribe, and you will get alerts when we drop new episodes!
  • TRANSCRIPTS: Do you have accessiblity for the podcast?
    Our episodes are automatically added to our YouTube page, with AI captions.
  • READING: What is this book you keep talking about?
    It's called Murphy Brown: Anatomy of a Sitcom by Irby B. Brown and Robert S. Alley. You can find it used online or check out your local library!
  • THEME SONG CREDIT: Who wrote your theme song?
    Patrick Coen - check out more of their work!
  • MUSIC PLAYLIST: How do I find this Spotify playlist you keep talking about?
    The "Murphy Brown Empowerment Playlist" is music from and inspired by Murphy Brown, featuring Murphy's beloved Motown classics and more!
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