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Season Three



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3.13: Eldin Imitates Life

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3.12: Retreat

June 10, 2024

3.11: Jingle Hell...

Jesi and Lauren break down this Emmy-winning episode based on a true story with holiday tradition favorites, the gang’s hijinks, and the career of guest star Jenifer Lewis (Blackish, Sister Act, and more!) and the life of singer/songwriter Wilson Picket.

May 27th, 2024

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Murphy Brown 310 Trouble in Sherwood Forrest with Faith Ford as Corky Sherwood and Candice

3.10: Trouble In Sherwood-forest

Topics include the history of the phrase “Having It All” and how it manifests in intersectional feminism today, 90s fashion, and the importance of communication in relationships. Plus, funny moments and BTS tidbits!

May 13th, 2023
H Alan Scott Interview.jpg

Interview: from Golden Girls to Murphy BRown

H.Alan Scott

Jesi and Lauren are excited to talk to H. Alan Scott ("Out On The Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast" & "Newsweek's Parting Shot") to talk about the connection between "Golden Girls" and "Murphy Brown," as well as TV in the 90s vs. today!

April 29th, 2024
Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown) with Christine Ebersole as Maddy, her "sister" in Season three, episode nine (9) party hats

3.09: The Bummer of 42

 The theme is sisterly love as Lauren and Jesi talk about Murphy’s birthday (what sign do you think Murphy is?), and answer the question, “Why does Designing Women owe their success to Murphy Brown?

April 15th, 2023
Candice Bergen in Rootless People, Episode 9 of the third season of Murphy Brown in a green and black paid jacket drinking a juice

3.08: Rootless People

Murphy is kidnapped and the Gang doesn’t believe her! Is this episode a bottle episode? The Shirelles' history, eco-terrorism,  amd pink donut boxes in LA!

March 25th & April 1st

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Jim Dial Charles Kimbrough Episode six season three The Last Laugh

3.07: The Last Laugh

Highlights include Charles Kimbrough’s backstory for Jim, the story of The Four Tops!

March 11th & 18th 2023

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Murphy Brown Season three, episode six Bob and Murphy and Ted and Avery guest star Colleen Dewhurst  as Avery Brown Tony Emmy Winner and Candice Bergen on a brown couch

3.06: Bob & Murphy & Ted & Avery

Murphy and her mother Avery go on a double date, plus a week in the life of an episode via Diane Sawyer reports! 

Feb 26th & March 4th
The Gold Rush Season three episode five Jay Thomas Emmy Winner Cheers

3.05: The Gold Rush

 The gals deep dive into the love story of Jerry and Murphy in this fan-favorite episode. Cut moments from the original script and behind-the-scenes stories included! Plus, Lauren does a sidebar on jewelry icon Elisa Peretti.

Feb 12th, 2024

Coming Soon

Murphy Brown Episode four Strike Two - Candice Bergen Faith Ford Season three "Strike Two"

3.04: Strike Two

The real-life actors/writer’s union strike may be over, but not for the FYI Gang! Sidebars include the life of Allen Toussaint, Candice Bergen’s 90s hair, Emmy-winning Fashion.

Jan 29th & Feb 5th 2024
Jennifer Keishin Armstrong Icon

Women Who Invented Television & More: A Talk with Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Best-selling author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong (Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, Seinfeldia) writes about TV and culture, with a focus on the impact of women. 

August 21, 2023
Murphy Brown Season three episode three, Loco Hero Rose Marie. Dick Van Dyke Show Sally Rogers, Jerry's Dad Seinfield Barry

3.03: Loco Hero

Time to meet the parents…again. This time: Frank’s parents! Lauren and Jesi chat about Barney Martin's(Seinfeld) & Rose Marie’s (The Dick Van Dyke Show)

* Recorded before the Sag-Aftra strike

August 7, 2023
The cast of Murphy Brown and in a circle Amber Ruffin' annoucer Tarik Davis

3.02: Brown and Blue

The gals are excited to welcome Tarik Davis (The Amber Ruffin Show and Broadway's Freestyle Love Supreme to talk Murphy taking on comedians vs. The First Amendment).

* Recorded before the Sag-Aftra strike

July 24, 2023
Candie Bergen (Murphy Brown) & Grant Shaud (Miles Silverberg) in Season three, episode one,  The 390th Broadcast

3.01: The 390th Broadcast

Welcome to what the gals hope to be a regular feature on the podcast: A season-ending retrospective!

* Recorded before the Sag-Aftra strike

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