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April 5 & 12th, 2021
Sarah Marshall "You're Wrong About" and Why Are Dads? joins the ladies for a You're Wrong About 80s/90's pop-culture You are Good podcast Alex Steed

Interview: Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall, co-host of "You're Wrong About" and Why Are Dads? aka You Are Good joins the ladies for a You're Wrong About 80s/90's pop-culture crossover!

August 23, 2021
2.15 Subpoena Envy Murphy Brown Season two, episode fifteen - Candce Bergen as Murphy Brown in season 2 publicity photo

2.15 Subpoena Envy

Welcome to the 90s!  The podcast is back  Jesi highlights pop-culture moments that defined the 90s and Lauren delves into the 80's history of journalists sent to jail for not revealing their sources. 

September 6th, 2021
mayim bialik in Murphy Brown as Mini Murphy Beaches CC Bloom The  Bang Theory Zach Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar American actor saved by the bell star

2.16: I Want My FYI

FYI by kids, for kids! We chat with 90s teens and the design style that launched MTV and a new generation!

December 20th, 2022
Murphy Brown Season two episode twenty 2 20 Heart Of Gold Jay Thomas as Emmy winning Jerry Gold Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown

2.20: Heart of Gold

Murphy and Jerry go on the unthinkable... a date.

January 10th 2022
On The Road Again Murphy Brown Kimbrough Bergen

2.21: On the Road Again

A Murphy Jim-centric episode! We talk about Fontella Bass & Charles's musical history!

January 24th & Feb 7th 2022
Interview: Denise Moss (Writer/producer Season 1-4) Frasier Murphy Brown

Interview: Denise Moss (Writer/producer
Season 1-4)

Season 1-3 writer Denise Moss (Frasier, Roseanne) chats with the gals!

May 2nd, 2022
Murphy Brown Season 2 Fax or Fixiton Candice Bergen

2.24: Fax Or Fiction

In this modern Cyrano, Miles-centric episode the gals chat about the history of fax machines, Ticonderoga pencils, and the art of flirting by the written word! 

May 16th, 2022
Image by Natasha Connell

Interview: Character Psychology

(Recorded the Summer of 2019)

The pod welcomes Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, Ph.D.,

March 20 & April 3rd 2023
Special Guest Matilda Szydagis Zelda From The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

2.25: The Bitch's Back

The gals welcome guest Matilda Szydagis (Zelda from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ) to talk about the penultimate episode of season 2 & more!!

September 20th, 2021
Interview: iCivics Murphy Brown

Interview: iCivics

In the "I Want My FYI" opening sequence we discussed the lack of civics education in 1990! Here, we talk with the wonderful ICivics about what is being done today to fill that void!

August 23, 2021
2.17: Frankly Speaking Joe Regalbuto as Frank Fontana Murphy Brown season 2 episode sixteen

2.17: Frankly Speaking

The gals take on what makes Frank tick in Murphy Brown’s first Frank Fontana (Joe Regalbuto) dating episode. 

April 5 & 12th, 2021
2.18: Murphy Brown School Of Broadcasting season two episide eighteen Kathleen Sullivan Patty Duke Show

2.18: Murphy Brown
School Of Broadcasting

The gals take on mentors and mentees and talks Kathleen Sullivan's tenure at CBS.

February 21st, 2022
image (5).png

2.22: But First A Word From Our Sponsor

Condoms on Television and the history of boycotts!

March 7, 2022
2.23: Frank's Appendectomy Frank Miles Murphy Brown Season two episode twenty three

2.23: Frank's Appendectomy

Nora Ephron, pranks, and Watergate!

March 21st & April 8th, 2022
Norm interview numer 2_edited_edited.jpg

Interview: Norm Gunzenhauser 
#2 Writer/Producer
(Season 2)

Norm returns to recap his season 2 episodes!

November 15th, 2021
Interview: GARY dONTZIG (WRITER/pRODUCER Seasons 1-6;11) Murphy Brown LBGTQ+

Seasons 1-6;11)


Gary Dontizg - Murphy Brown, writer/producer talks about his experience as a gay comedy writer in the 80s & 90s.

November 8th, 2021
Interview: Matt Baume LGBTQ TV writer of "Homo I'm Home" Star Trek Murphy Brown

Interview: Matt Baume

The gals are so happy to welcome YouTuber, journalist & LBGTQ+ TV pop-culture expert Matt Baume to the pod 

November 29th & Dec 6th, 2021
2.19: Bad Girls Season two episode nineteen 2 19 Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown Marvin Gaye and Donna Summers

2.19: Bad Girls

The history of Marvin Gaye’s struggle to get “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” Released! Then, Jesi goes into depth on how sex workers have been viewed over the years to today.

April 17, 2023
Murphy Brown Season two, episode twenty six 26 Going To The Chapel Part 1 Faith Ford in a wedding dress as Corky Sherwood

2.26: Going To The Chapel (Part 1)

RSVP, everyone, for a jam-packed episode! Corky’s getting married, and the gals are here with the play-by-play for part one

May 1, 2023
Murphy Brown Season two episode twenty seven 27 with The Temptations

2.27: Going To The Chapel (Part 2)

The gals chat about the final episode of season 2, which includes a wedding, couples, and flipped gender norms for the time! 

May 15, 2023
Season two Murphy Brown publicity picture "i'm with stupid" of Candice Bergen and Grant Shaud as Miles Silverberg

SEASON TWO (1989-1990) WRAP-UP

It’s a Season 2 (1989-1990 Season) Recap! Emmy wins and nominations, as well as a few missed stories they found along the way

Seaso 2, Part 2
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