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April 5th & 19th  2021

INTERVIEW: Sarah Marshall
(90's mix Tape

Sarah Marshall poster, Podcaster of "You're Wrong About" and "You Are Good"
Sarah Marshall You're Wrong About Podcast You Are Good 90s TV Murphy Brown Candice Bergen

Jesi and Lauren welcome the co-host of “You’re Wrong About” and “Why Are Dads?”  (which is now called "You Are Good") to chat about her love of Murphy Brown, 90’s pop culture, and more!


Part One includes discussions about the difference between 90’s TV consumption vs Today, a deep pop-culture dive on 1987’s “Year Of The Bimbo,” and female representation through the media. Plus, a chat about Lord Of The Rings!

Part Two:
The gals chat with Sarah (OJ Simpson case expert) about the TV comic reaction to the OJ Simpson Trial (check out her multi-part series in “You’re Wrong About”), her love of Faith Ford’s cookbook & celebrity cookbooks in general, Quantum Leap, and more! (links to both podcasts)
Twitter: @Remember_Sarah
"You're Wrong About": Murphy Brown vs Dan Quayle

We will return with a new season soon! In the meantime, enjoy this special bonus! Be sure to also check out all the episodes of You're Wrong About we mentioned, Iran Contra, "Exxon Valdez, Gary Hart, Donna Rice, and more!

OJ in Sitcom episodes included:

  1. Seinfeld - Season 7, Epiosde 12 "the Caddy"

  2. Roseanne - Season 7, Episode 23 "The Birds and the frozen Bees"

  3. The Larry Sanders ShowSeason 4, Episode 1 "Roseanne's return"

  4. Love & War - Season 3, Episode 2 "A Loney Nation Turns Its Eyes to You"

  5. Murphy Brown Season 7, Episode 2 "Where Have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

  6. Murphy Brown  - Season 1, Episode 10 "Kyle"

  7. Law & Order - Season 6, Episode 15 "Encore"

Sarah M
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