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January 10, 2021

2.21: On THe ROad Again

Written by: Sy Dukane and Denise Moss

Directed by: Barnet Kellman


Charles Kimbrough sings! Yes, welcome to the last half of season 2, which means we are on this Jim-centric episode that leans into Charles Kimbrough’s musical background. We chat about Kimbrough's Broadway history and the episode's question: “Is flirting bad” as well as the importance of the episode in Murphy and Jim’s relationship. Follow us on social media for clips from the episode! Stay tuned for our next episode interview with the co-writer: Denise Moss  (Murphy Brown, Frasier, Roseanne) to talk more about this episode and more!


The Patreon this month: Lauren sits down with expert Zelda Knapp to discuss Charles' Sondheim musicals in-depth - Company (1970) and Sunday In The Park With George (1984). Also available to one-time donations of $10 and up!


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Murphy Brown  Candice Bergen Oscar Grouch 3.jpg

sesame sTREET (1990)

On The Road Again Murphy Brown Season two 2 Charles Kimbrough Singing
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