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Jan 29th & Feb 5th

Women Who Invented Television & More: A Talk with Jennifer Keishin Armstrong 

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong Icon

Best-selling author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong (Mary and Lou, and Rhoda and Ted, Seinfeldia) writes about TV and culture, with a focus on the impact of women. The gals sit down with Jennifer on the subjects of two of her books: When Women Invented Television, and the fantastic four subjects of the book, from the more widely known Betty White to the lesser known Hazel Scott, the first African American to host her own show. They also discuss her latest book, So Fetch: The Making of Mean Girls (And Why We're Still So Obsessed with It). Plus, a few surprises along the way!

Check out Hazel Scott playing two pianos, Betty White's first TV series, and a great documentary on Gertrude Berg, "Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg, Trailer.



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