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September 27 & October 10, 2019
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]Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown, Miles' Brother,  as Miles' Silverberg Grant Shaud, Brothers Sliverberg Season two

Written by: Diane English
Directed by: Barnet Kellman

Welcome to Season 2!

Jesi, Lauren, and special guest, director Barnet Kellman take a deep dive into Murphy and Miles’ relationship in this season opener (and pod favorite), written by creator Diane English.

PART 1: Learn behind the scenes factoids direct from the set, secrets from the script, and Jesi teaches us some behind-the-scenes history! Bonus fun: The gals reconstruct the moments usually cut from syndication!

PART 2: We pick up where we left off as Jesi, Lauren, and episode director Barnet Kellman continue their breakdown of the Season 2 opener. Topics include: the amazing Jane Leeves and her career, the deeper meaning of the episode, banister acting, and women over 40 on television.

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Director, Barnet Kellman  (Murphy Brown,  Made About Youstanding next to a camera
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