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August 20, 2018
Barnet Kellman Action Shot.jpg

Interview: Barnet Kellman (Series Director: Seasons 1-4, 10)


PART 1: Welcome to our Season One wrap-up with series director and architect of Murphy Brown, Barnet Kellman. The gals discuss Barnet’s early life and how TV lead him to theatre and then back again, as well as the series regular casting process, the origins of Frank Fontana, the real story of casting Miles Silverberg, and how Barnet met Diane English!

PART 2: Barnet chats with the gals about his mark on the show, the writers’ room, what other famous people auditioned for Miles Silverberg, and how much of a team player Candice Bergen really is! Also, Barnet goes over a few of the pod’s previous episodes with his added thoughts!

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