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March 11th & 18th, 2024

3.06: Bob And Murphy ANd TED and Avery

Candice Bergen, Colleen Dewhurst, as Murphy Brown's Mother Avery, standing  behind George Coe & John Getz

Written by: Diane English
Directed by: Barnet Kellman

The gals break down the final Colleen Dewhurst arc as Avery Brown Sr with a jam-packed episode of behind-the-scenes tidbits, insights, and what the show had in store for Avery in Season Four.  Part two brings us a music sidebar, behind-the-scenes tidbits from Diane Sawyer's week on the set for her news magazine show “Prime Time Live” - which takes us from story idea in the writer’s room to rehearsal and writers and finally filming day.

Previous Avery Brown Sr Episodes

1.15: Mama Said

2.11/12: Brown Like Me (Hour Episode)

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