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December 24 & 10, 2019
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Darren_McGaven in his Emmy Winning role as Bill Brown along side his TV daughter Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown holding her baby half brother.


Click the picture to play a scene from the episode!

2.10 & 2.11: Brown Like Me

Brown Like Me Murphy Brown season 2, Colleen Dewhurst as Avery Brown and Robert Pasterelli as Eldin look up at his art on the ceiling with glee

Written by: Diane English

Directed by: Barnet Kellman

The gals are excited to bring part one and two of what originally aired as a one-hour episode of Murphy Brown: ”Brown Like Me” - written by series creator Diane English. Topics include: Murphy’s adult relationship with her parents, when and how one can look good in hats, late-in-life babies, and more! Join us for Part Two to discuss fighting as foreplay, the Great Nat King Cole, the origins behind the song “Stardust,” and more!

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