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Aug 7th, 2023

3.01: Brown & Blue


Directed by Barnet Kellman

Written by Denise Moss & Sy Dukane


The gals are over the moon to have guest actor/writer/avid “pop culture consumer” Tarik Davis “(The Amber Ruffin Show, Bway’s Freestyle Love Supreme, Boom Chicago, The Second City, “Late Night With Seth Meyers”) to chat about comedy, censorship, journalism, and how Murphy’s takedown of an Andrew Dice Clay (played by Michael Chiklis) character is relevant to today, including the history of how we got here. 

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Tarik Daivs Guesrt.jpg

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*This was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strike

We have also updated this to bleep a word in George Carlin's speech that is in a slur.


Check out our interview with Writer Denise Moss for background on this episode.


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