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Aug 21, 2023

3.03: Loco Hero

Loco Hero Murphy Brown Season 3 _edited.

Written by: Steven Peterman & Gary Dontzig
Directed by: Barnet Kellman

Time to meet the parents…again. This time: Frank’s parents! Lauren and Jesi chat about Barney Martin (Seinfeld) & Rose Marie’s (The Dick Van Dyke Show) guest appearances, and their amazing histories in show business!  It’s all about Frank as we talk about his background, toxic masculinity, facing your fears, and the real-life celebrity-hosted anniversary party the episode is based on!  

Wait For The Laugh (2017) (Rose Marie Documentary)

*This was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strike.  And our last episode until the strike is resolved.


Please check out our episode with co-writer Gary Dontizg and guest panelist Matt Baume (Hi, Homo, I'm Home)


From Baby Rose Marie to Rose Marie


Barney Martin From Broadway to Sitcom Staple


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