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January 15, 2018

 WRITER #1 (Season 1-2, 9-11)

Norm interview numer 2.jpg


The gals are thrilled to welcome one of the original Murphy Brown writers to the show: Norm Gunzenhauser (Seasons 1, 2, 8, 9, 10)! Jesi and Lauren think you will enjoy the interview as much as they did conduct it. Spoiler: They’re pretty smitten. Topics include: What it’s like to write with a partner, the impact of a show like Murphy Brown on its audience, and what could a Murphy Brown reboot look like?


Norm Returned to chat about the end of Season 2 below!

March 21st & April 7th 2022

Interview Norm Gunzenhauser #2: The Return


Recorded back in late 2018, we are so happy to finally bring you the second part of our interview with Norm Gunzenhauser back in the “before times.” (Originally planned to have dropped late spring 2020.) We chat about Norm’s season 2 episodes, including the last episode of “Frank’s Appendectomy” - the history behind that title and how it was his final season until his return near the end of the series run. Also, see Norm’s other season two episodes, “I Want My FYI,” Roasted,” & “Miles' Big Adventure.”

Norm The Return
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