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The gals are thrilled to welcome one of the original Murphy Brown writers to the show: Russ Woody (Cybill, Becker, The Middle) for a two-part interview!

PART 1: Topics include: The timeless allure of Ted Danson, his writing process, and some amazing stories from Murphy Brown. Join us for big laughs and lots of TV history!

PART 2: Topics include: Working alone vs working with a writing partner, his time on the infamous Cybill set, Christine Baranski, and truth in comedy writing. And, we ask Russ about the upcoming Murphy Brown revival. Join us for big laughs and lots of TV history!

May  7 & 14, 2018


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WRITER (SEASONS 1-2,6,10-11)

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We are excited to welcome back Murphy Brown writer-producer Russ Woody (Cybill Becker& The Middle) writer of our next episode “Here’s To You Mrs. Kinsella” as well as Season One's' Kyle,  It’s How You Play The Game, and many more! Just in time for The Good Place finale this week, Russ is talking about his new book Tuesdays with Ted (available wherever you buy books and ebooks or “An uplifting, heartbreaking, occasionally funny story about an old man with ALS, a sitcom, its star and just enough time to say good-bye,” Russ tells the gals stories from the book about his father, Ted Danson and much more, including a funny story about Candice Bergen and the book! But first, we get an update on Russ’s project about Abraham Lincoln’s first vice president, Hannibal Hamlin.

Follow Russ on Instagram @RussTWoody and join our Patreon with a one time or monthly donation for extended moments, including more on Lincoln and Hamlin!

January  27, 2020
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