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July  08, 2019

2.06: Buddies Schmuddies

Episode 6 of Season 2, "Buddies Schmuddies", Candice Bergen, Joe Regalbuto, Robert Pasterelli (Eldin) sit on a coach

Written by: Russ Woody

Directed by: Barnet Kellman


Jesi and Lauren go in-depth into Episode 6 of Season 2, "Buddies Schmuddies", an episode that tests Murphy and Frank’s relationship when they fight for the same story. Topics include: the origins story of Pat Corley a.k.a. Phil, jokes that seem seminal to the 1990s, and a Candice Bergen quote from 1989 takes the ladies on an off-topic discussion of the changing of words in society through social context or misinformation and how many communities are reclaiming words for their greater purpose. For more on Jesi and Lauren's discussion about reclaiming words in society become a member of our Patreon

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