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2.07: Whose Garbage Is It Anyway?

Jay Thomas as Jerry Gold with Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown in season two "Whose Garbage Is it Anyway?

Written by: Sy Dukane & Denise Moss

Directed by: Barnet Kellman

Jesi and Lauren take on Murphy Brown’s Season 2 environmental discussion with their most topical episode yet! So topical it took them two installments to cover it!


Part One: topics include: Similarities and connections from 1989 to 2019 in regards to the planet, childhood memories, and the life & career of guest star Jay Thomas in the first of his Emmy Winning role as recurring character Jerry Gold.

Part Two: topics include: the myths of recycling, what sparked letters of complaint (hint: they weren’t from Exxon), and a new installment of “Retcon Theater.”

For more on the character of Jerry Gold and his origins check out our episode from

Season 1, “It’s How You Play The Game.”

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